Nebulisers Direct offers a selection of CPAP/BiPAP masks which you can choose based on your preference/requirements; Full Face Masks, Oral Masks, Nasal Pillows Masks and Nasal Cushion Masks

    CPAP and BIPAP therapy create a seal around the nose only. If breathing normally through your nose is not an issue for you, these masks generally are easier to wear than full-face masks. If you do experience nasal blockages, sinus cleansing can help ensure free nasal breathing. The chin straps on the mask can assist with keeping the mouth closed.

    We have sizing guides that will help you select the best mask for you. We are also really happy to chat through any questions that you may have.


    Philips have recently discontinued some of its full-face masks. Their latest mask models are shown in this section. The New DreamWear Full Face mask and the Amara View Full Face masks are still both available for patients looking for a full-face mask for CPAP.
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