Advantages of Using a Nebuliser

A nebuliser is a device that allows you to deliver liquid medication for asthma directly into your lungs by converting the medication into a fine vapour or mist. The arrangement consists of an air compressor, tubing, nebuliser cup and a mouthpiece. You may look in websites of companies manufacturing medical devices offering various types of nebulisers for sale.

A nebuliser offers several advantages to a patient suffering from asthma.

Effective Delivery of Medication
A nebuliser offers quick relief to an individual suffering from a sudden onset of an allergic asthma attack. You may pour out the recommended quantity of the prescribed medication into the nebuliser cup. Connect the cup to the compressor and mouthpiece with the tubing pieces. Insert the mouthpiece in your mouth. Switch on the compressor. The vapour entering your lungs through the mouthpiece will provide you with relief after a few minutes. Albuterol, a common medication used with a nebuliser machine may provide relief in less than ten minutes. An oral medication will take a much longer time to reach your respiratory tract. The drug needs to pass through your gastro-intestinal system and your blood stream before it can enter the respiratory tract. This may take up to half an hour or longer.

Fewer Side Effects
Use of a nebuliser reduces the side effects of medications delivered to your system. The same medications taken orally will induce greater adverse effects. The oral medications may cause irritation to your gastro-intestinal system. In addition, other side effects of the oral medications include tremors, headaches and rapid heartbeats. Using a nebuliser to administer steroids to the respiratory tract directly appears to reduce the complications commonly associated with steroidal medication. Some of these conditions include bone loss, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and weight gain.

Prevention of Attacks
Doctors may recommend the long-term use of medication delivered by a nebuliser to avert attacks of allergic asthma. A nebuliser therapy can serve to reduce the mucous formed in the respiratory passages effectively. This improves the flow of oxygen into the lungs, which can lower the frequency of asthma attacks. In addition, the bronchodilators that are suitable for delivery with a nebuliser can keep the bronchial tubes open. It is crucial to take the medication exactly as recommended by your physician to get the full benefit of a nebuliser.

Easy to Use
Asthma patients find the use of nebulisers simple and straightforward, especially compared to the use of inhaler. Patients can use the device without assistance. Older children may operate the device with ease. It is however, advisable to monitor the use of the device by children. An inhaler requires the user to inhale deeply to take in the medication. A nebuliser, on the other hand requires normal breathing during the therapy. Although the older models of nebulisers were quite bulky, modern technology has made for the availability of more compact nebulisers. You may find varieties small enough to be portable. A nebuliser can be a useful investment, if you or a family member is susceptible to conditions related to asthma. You may look for advertisements on nebulisers for sale to get a good deal.