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The PARI SINUS 2 offers pulsing aerosol for the treatment of Sinusitis.

Pari Sinus 2 offers a unique form of nebuliser therapy for the treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis.

Pari Sinus 2 causes the aerosol to pulsate, enabling it to penetrate your sinus cavities.

Suitable for use from 6 years of age.  The Sinus 2 can also be sued to treat the lungs by using a different Pari nebuliser chamber (not included)

Aerosol Characteristics:

MMAD                            3.0

Mass % below 5            66.6%

Minimum Filling            2ml

Max Filling                      8ml


Electrical                        220v-240v

Dimensions                   18.5 x 13.0 x 15.0cm

Weight                            1.7kg