Cough Assist

The Philips  E70 Cough Assist machine is specifically designed for use with patients who require an effective in/ex-suffilator

The Philips Cough Assist E70 is the most up to date device of its type available and ahead of its rivals in terms of technolgy, features and design.

Hire of the Philips E70 Cough Assist is available for patients who wish to be assessed for the suitability of the device for them and their particular medical condition.  This assessment is ususally carried out by a specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist in hospital.

We usually deliver the E70 Cough Assist within 48 hours of being hired.  


We are able to Hire the Cough Assist for long or short term use.  For details of the Cough Assist Hire charges please contact the office on 0800 612 4484


Wether you wish to purchase or hire the Philips E70 Cough Assist, we generally dispatch this item within 48 hours of the order being placed.